Sunday, 14 June 2009

Spotlight on my first

This was the first portrait I ever produced for a friend's pet.
Produced in pastels on cartridge paper with final touches in 'Tipex'... well I found it difficult at the time to achieve a strong enough white highlight for the ear! Having no white paint at the time, I reverted to liquid paper. It worked pretty well wouldn't you say.

I am very comfortable using pastels and find the medium accommodating. However, I also use water colours, gouache, acrylics and oils.


  1. This is simply beautiful. You have captured a lovely expression

  2. Hope you'll be showcasing some more of your dog portraits here. This is beautifully captured.

  3. Thanks all... unfortunately the only photos I have of my dog portraits are already there in MY ART SECTION... although I have done very many in the past I did not keep copies of them as photos. I know that was silly of me, but I did not envisage needing them. However, I plan to start a portrait of our Lucy soon and will show its development here on my blog. Maybe I can also paint someone elses pet for free, as some kind of competition prize. Anyone have any suggestions as to what kind of competition I could possibly run? Suggestions welcome.


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