Sunday, 14 June 2009

Robin keeps fit

Here is Robin with one of his favourite toys. These 'toys' he's most protective of. I call them K-mines (canine mines) as he is constantly placing them in strategic places for us to step on during the dark hours - in front of doors mainly so that he is alerted when we walk around the property in the dark... nothing worse for me than stepping on one of his squeaky 'mines' at 3am when I am half asleep! They frighten the hell out of me, but Robin hears them and runs to the mine immediately. Sometimes he plants more than two around on the floor - but always where you will step on them. Almost better than a burglar alarm... they work very well indeed.

1 comment:

  1. o dude... these are my favorite... I call them squeakys. I have a squirrel squeaky (dont tell Checkers or Tank - they are on a squirrel hunting mission) but I also have 2 hedgehogs different colors that squeak. I love them sooo much, I woke up mom @ 4am Saturday morning w/my Grey squeaky... Mom said, "NO BELL!".. AND she took it. HOW RUDE.. nice to meet you Robin.... i would probably steal your k-mine