Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Lucy back from the Vet

Lucy is now back from he Vet today. He says he will be sending for alternative antibiotics for her from Spain (apparently not available in Portugal). Lucy cannot really go on for much longer with the treatment she is getting - the anti-inflamatories are not really helping her kidneys (or something like that). Anyway, with the new antibiotics we are hoping to use, things may improve. Her uterous infection/or tumour is very difficult to treat. Lucy is fine at the moment... still looking forward to her meal this evening, but we know that her 'underlying' problem is still there; the drugs just hide it. Cristina and I thank you all for your best wishes for Lucy - very encouraging and supportive.
11 pm... Lucy bright and aware AND HUNGRY AGAIN!... hopefuly she will sleep very soundly.

Robert and Cristina

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