Monday, 15 June 2009

Lucy is not well

Lucy is not well today, we are both worried about her. She will visit the doctor later today for more medicine. Robin senses she is not well and so he is also keeping a close eye on her.

17:45pm Back from the Vet now, Lucy has had an injection for her heart (this hot weather does not do her any favours)... she will pay another visit there in an hour- and-a-half just to check on her heart... so far she is looking much better.


  1. Lucy... You have to get better okay.
    No dogs are supposed to feel icky, I actually have to go to the vet too soon because my allergies are annoying me :( ~
    Thinking good doggy thoughts your way - get up and jump around!
    High Five

  2. Thank you Bell... I will try and get better, I have been through worse situations than this in my past, but I am a fighter!


  3. Espero que não seja nada de grave! Mas a preocupação nunca vai embora, não é?