Thursday, 18 June 2009

Cappuccino and croissant for the dogs, and I'll have the same

Oh, I thought life in Portugal would be leisurely! NOT! Start of the day: wake up early (around 7am) just because Robin wants me to. How does he tell me? He rolls on his back, on the bed at my side and starts yelping and sneezing. So, what do I do? I get up, make a cup of tea for my wife and a cup of cappuccino for me. Sounds good does it not? The perfect life! One slight catch - Robin insists on sitting on my lap, or even the table (or maybe even on my mouse) as I attempt to log in to my pc. All he is concerned about is getting his tongue into my coffee. And, if I was so lucky, half of my croissant (but only if it has butter on it). Of course he will not leave me alone until I leave him some small amount in my cup, and when the half croissant is gone he settles down on my lap again with his nose on the table, looking at the pc screen as if he is really interested! Lucy at this time is also awake and sitting on the floor looking up at me, wondering why she is not on my lap as well. Those wanting eyes so begging and yes she has a little croissant also. Have you ever tried to do something on your pc with two dogs on your lap? Crazy dogs! Well, you would think I could get some work done at this time and think again - there is still the small question of THEM taking ME out for a walk! As for getting down to some serious painting; well that is another story for later. A 'dogs life' and they have all the fun - I am just their waiter!


  1. Just wait until they start sleeping on your pillow - while you're trying to sleep on it as well!

  2. Jack! HE (Robin) already does!!!!! I turn my back for one minute and he is there! What is more - he even pulls the sheet up to hide himself!

  3. Hi - nice to meet you. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Mom always has my kitties sitting on her computer. they always push the wrong button too! BOL!
    your pal, Morgan