Monday, 29 June 2009

Lucy portrait continued

OK, now is the time to bring out the 'Big Guns' as I like to say - the oil paints and brushes! Lucy has reached the stage where I now need to bring her to life with a silky coat and real eyes etc etc. I have been avoiding the use of oil paints (mainly because of their expense) but I now feel she deserves that special treatment, indeed, her portrait demands it! Only the best for her. Because of my use of acrylics and oil pastels in these early stages there is now no other medium that would allow me to complete her portrait to my satisfaction. As my own dog, I have to do my very best. Lucy is still responding well to treatment from the Vet. Both Lucy and Robin walked with us today and the rain kept falling and falling and falling - we were all soaking wet on our return and Lucy especially, liked being wiped dry with the towel. As for Robin - well he is a MAN DOG - so no need for a towel... just try and dry him and he lets you know he is not at all happy!

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