Saturday, 13 June 2009

Robin waiting patiently for his emails

Well, where do I begin? Robin (named after Robin Hood of Nottingham, UK) will always be head of the queue.
What can I say about Robin?
He is 9-years old and is some kind of 'breed' - please judge for yourself! He is stubborn, intelligent and basically is the thorn in my side. He demands my attention far too often - 'walkies' in English or even Portuguese and he understands! In fact anything beginning with the 'W'-word and he pounces on me crying out to be taken for a walk. Exhausting? Yes! He loves to hunt... for his numerous toys (and believe me he has many - a large basket full of them). He likes my English or Italian cooking. Coffee or ice cream are also his favourites... sometimes he even demands a croissant with his cappuccino - yes I joke not! But his croissant MUST have butter! My wife has owned Robin for most of his life. What I did not count upon was that when I married her (4 years ago) I did not imagine that I had to marry HIM as well! Guess what... he even has the audacity to creep into our bed at night! Many times I have been surprised that my wife has developed a 'tail' when I awake next to her in the mornings and instigate a cuddle! Not a pleasant surprise I can really admit. He is very protective of her and 'tolerates' me in the bed!
Enough about the 'BOY'... what about Lucy... see next post.

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