Monday, 22 June 2009

Lucy portrait begins

I will update my blog to show you all how her portrait progresses. What is shown here is a photograph of how the process begins. I start working from a photograph, transferring her image to canvass using a grid system. Her portrait will be fairly large - 65cms x 55cms. The pencil sketch illustrated here is just a 'rough' a guide for me. Just what medium I will use to complete her, I have not decided yet. It could be pastels or a mixed medium. I will decide as I progress. The most important thing is to make a start. The journey begins with this first step. I will of course be using Lucy, rather than just her photo as my point of reference for fine details. I know it will be a difficult portrait to paint because of Lucy's health. Lucy is still quite ill at he moment, completely off her food and only allowed water by droplet rations as she is vomiting each day if she drinks too much. Now two visits to the vet each day. She is now on new antibiotics ordered from Spain. We really hope she starts to respond better to her treatment now.

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