Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Lucy's (and Robin's) treat tonight

The menu:
Grilled Pork loin steak, finely sliced and glazed with extra virgin olive oil, lightlly seasoned with salt, pepper and sweat peppers, served on a bed of boiled long-grain Basmati rice and Portuguese chopped cabbage presented on a plater (bowl) of doggie food balls. Followed probably by a small helping of ice cream.

We, of course, will be eating the same - minus the doggie food balls! And yes, I do all the cooking around here... just another one of my passions, and Cristina loves that! Robin and Lucy eat very well indeed! Lucy sits in the kitchen to keep an eye on my cooking... just to make sure I don't make any mistakes! Yes, our two dogs are spoilt. Robin now has the taste for Italian food (well it is my favourite)... but he is not against the occasional english dish either (like sausage and mash or steak and kidney pie followed by english apple pie with cream or custard). Robin and Lucy really do have international tastes when it comes to food. Lucy I think, has her own motto... 'if it moves - eat it - if it doesn't move - eat it until it does'!!!!

p.s. The only way Lucy will take her tablets is if we wrap them in ham, cheese or chourico - Lucy likes 'medicine time'!


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