Monday, 6 July 2009

Robin's logic

Oh great! He listened to my rebuke about sleeping on my pillow... so moves from my pillow to where? To the one next door to mine of course! I give up! Most definitely the couch for me tonight!


  1. Hi, thanks for coming over to my blog and following me. Your art is beautiful...can't wait to see more of it. As for the pillow, I love to take my mom's place on the bed and I do it almost every night before she comes to bed....then I give her that L@@K when she makes me move.

  2. You're a very talented artist. Your works are wonderful. About your dog, omg, I feel you. When Luigi (my doggie) was still tiny puppy, he loves slumbering at my pillow, too. But luckily, he got over that as he grew up.. :)