Thursday, 23 July 2009

Memory Lane

A very young me! When my hair was not grey - and when I still had all of it... painting, probably my second ever dog portrait in gouache. Before we had mobile phones and personal computers... the days when all my design work was done using cow-gum, scalpels, felt-tip markers and CS-10 art board. Times before the digital camera and CDs! I had never tried a cappuccino then, and never tasted chourico... when watercolours were something I just read about and oil paints were out of my reach. When the only time I ever touched canvas was in a tent - camping out in the woods. Times when the only pets I owned were three cats, Kato, Tigger and Rumpleteaser. If someone had told me then that I would end up marrying a beautiful Portuguese lady and living in Portugal, I would have said... 'where's Portugal'! Oh - the good old days when I dreamed of making my fortune... things don't really change, do they? Still the same old me... still painting and designing - still dreaming. Still happy with my 'lot in life'... but I must not forget to play the Loto this week... being an angel all my life must have some payback.

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