Saturday, 11 July 2009


For all our feline friends out there - time to start another project. The Abyssinian Cat my favourite. I have always wanted to paint this breed, but never have. Robin and Lucy do not like the idea - but hey!, I decide on t his no them! This cat has haunted me for all my life - I don't know why, but now I will paint 'her' and yes she is a 'her'. How she will turn out I do not know - however, one thing I do feel is that she will be like no other portrait I have ever done. The last cat portrait I did was over 25 years ago! I have never painted a cat since, so this will be an 'exorcism' for me now. Lucy will wait until tomorrow. I need to paint this cat now as 'now' seems to be the right time. Cristina would like me to concentrate on Lucy - but she will be completed when my soul dictates. This cat seems a part of me, so has to be painted... so watch as she progresses... initial oil on canvas sketch illustrated above. The flowers are complete, as far as I want to go with them, so they are now on our wall here and pictured above.

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