Tuesday, 7 July 2009

New project - Daffodils!

Flowers, flowers, flowers - everywhere! My better half insists I paint something that will brighten up our hall way - AND IT MUST MATCH THE DECOR!!!!!... oh give me strength! Ok... chosen subject - Daffodils. Not so bad really - will allow me to explore some other part of me I am sure, so I will enjoy this. Started work on it this afternoon and will post here as I progress. Lucy's portrait still not dry enough to work on some more yet and Santarem landscape also still too wet. 'The Devil finds work for idle hands' and all that stuff - so better to be doing something constructive. Lucy driving me round the bend at the moment - she has to eat EVERYTHING she can find whilst going out for walkies... no guesses as to the results! Mop and disinfectant always at the ready. No visit to the Vet for the rest of the week - he is now keeping her 'med-free' to see how she copes.

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