Thursday, 2 July 2009

I need a break from Lucy

Thanks Ruby's mum and Docwitch for your comments.
Yes, painting Lucy causes me to get into her 'self'... studying her each time I apply brush to canvas. As much as my art seems to always go to a photographic rendition, there is always a part of me that longs for a more impressionistic style. Lucy has dominated my painting as late so now it is time for a small break whilst her paint sets off some more. With that in mind I am going to indulge myself in a little landscape painting - just some local view of mine that I see each day as I walk the dogs, here in Portugal, of Santarem, viewed over vineyard fields in a summer haze. I was inspired this morning to paint it. I admit, it is not to be my normal style, but feel I need a break to explore a little more of my own soul - with regards to painting. So I post here the start of another painting - purely in oils this time - a landscape, a subject I am not at all used to, in the medium I rarely use. I just started it... so you are only viewing a back-wash. I hope you continue to watch its progress, as keenly as you watch Lucy's. A few hours away from her portrait may revitalise me. It is a daunting thing, to paint something I am alien to.. but here goes! I will get back to Lucy soon, and she is responding well to the 'Spanish' antibiotics... fingers crossed it continues.

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