Thursday, 2 July 2009

Picture Santarem - an art first for me!

I know, I know... it doesn't look much at the moment, a lot of work to be done yet. Allow me this break as I wait to work on Lucy some more. Getting me to start painting again has taken 4 years by my wife insisting - well, I just need to regain my confidence again - and that is not an easy thing to reacquire after some years absence from picking up a paintbrush! Santarem - the nearest large town to me - seen each morning as I walk Robin and Lucy. I will capture the view I have on canvas. Santarem - see:

The view I am painting is one that I photographed this morning - looking out over grapevine fields to Santarem in the distance. I admit, I had to 'drag' Lucy along with me... I took the opportunity to take a photograph for my painting. AND in the style of 'Jack's Dad' - don't worry - Lucy says... the 'tall man (me also) carried her most of the way! Lucy is getting quite used to her daily visits now. I keep her cool in the car by fanning her with a road map as we drive along. Basically it is just a visit to the Vet... he checks her out and gives her the injection - I distract her whilst it is administered! She just stares at me as if to say 'how can you allow this'? It is needed. Then it is back to the car, and home, stopping on the way for a walk with her.

A couple of evenings ago we had a visit from a member of the ASPA (the shelter we adopted Lucy from) - they had read on my blog here that she was not well so decided to visit. Lucy remembered her new visitor which was nice. I could not help thinking that because this particular lady brought Lucy to us in the first place, that maybe Lucy thought she was going back - no chance! Lucy is with us forever!

From a personal point of view - if I can leave one or two works of art for this mortal world, just to be remembered by, then all my efforts will have some meaning... without that I will fade into oblivion and my art will fade to dust. Let's hope that now, in my mature years I will start to contribute more to art - art from 'me' and not just for a 'paying' client.

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  1. What a really good post! I'm glad that Lucy is with your family. And thank you for writing about your art - it is always interesting to read!