Saturday, 18 July 2009


I know, I know this painting is not a dog or cat, but it is art, so please ladies, do not be offended. I am an artist after all and I indulged myself in this work - I was really impressed with the colours, so had to execute the work for art's sake! Cristina may not agree, but hey, I have to make a living and expand my portfolio, do I not?
At approximately 50 x 50 cms and produced in acrylics and oil pastels on canvas I rather enjoyed the work. Don't wear a bikini when you spend a lot of time in the sun or the results are not so desirable when sun bathing topless. But you have to agree - the light and shade contrasts are interesting. I call her 'sunbather in shade'.
My other paintings are going slowly at the moment as my graphic design work is having to take priority for some days now. But, they will all be completed, soon, including Lucy's portrait. And, by the way, Lucy is doing very very well at the moment - she is really good. Let's hope she continues to stay in better health. Thank you Sashindoubutsu for your comments... much appreciated! And of course Jack's Dad... forever faithful!
Sunbather is for sale, by the way... contact me if you are interested in acquiring her and for further details.


  1. I agree, that's a great contrast of light and dark shades. I tried painting before but I never did good when it comes to mixing light and dark shades and shadows. My folks said that my work was too dark and that my pencil sketches and oil pastel drawings are better than paint.. :(

    Women art-lovers won't find your post offensive. Sexy tan lines. :)

  2. Your art is lovely. You have great talent. I will definitely be back when I have time go to through all of your entries. I found you through one of the canine sites I visit frequently. I'm so happy I stopped by.

  3. it turned out very well.. nice job