Saturday, 10 October 2009

Thank you for all your kind comments

A big thank you to all who have left loving comments for Lucy. We are still upset at her loss, so apologies for not adding to my blog for some time - my heart was not really into it just lately. Also, Lucy's portrait still has to be completed. I will complete it... hopefully before Christmas. Even now, whenever I pass her incomplete portrait, her eyes follow me; her portrait will be the best I have ever done - I just need to be in the right frame of mind to sit down and continue with it. But I will find the strength - Lucy will give it to me.

Lucy was an abandoned dog whom we adopted. Her previous owners left her with the outside rubbish/garbage when they moved home. Lucy did not want to leave her home so stayed in the area. Then the area had floods and Lucy survived them - it is said that she would swim in the waters, her head held up high in order to find food. Yest she never wanted to leave her home - how cruel of her previous owners to abandon her like that. But she survived, and kept fighting (that was Lucy all over - a real fighter; however her fight was not without damage. Lucy must have been hit by a passing car at some stage as her back leg showed signs of a break at some time. Then she was finally rescued from the floods and we adopted her on our first introduction. The first thing we did was give her a good bath and then take her to the Vet for examination/check-up and then treatment. Lucy's doctor was wonderful - even shipping in special antibiotics for her from Spain... and a long period of continued treatment followed... trying this, trying that - all in an effort to avoid an operation as she probably had a dangerous cyst on her ovaries and the Vet did not think her heart was strong enough to survive an operation. So we persevered with alternative treatments. Lucy fought on - enjoying a good, and love-filled 2-years with Cristina, myself and of course, Robin. Robin misses her also. Lucy (my little 'girlie dog') is gone - but never, ever, will she be forgotten. I just hope she is getting all the Chourico she wants in her 'doggy heaven'. She was a good assistant chef, always watching the food as it was cooking... just to make sure I did not burn anything! She was also my 'chief food tester', strangely enough. But I really miss the 'click, click, click of her 4 small paws on the tiled floors here - I even imagine I still hear them, some nights -- maybe I really do, and will - 4 always...!
We both thank you all again, for your kind words of comfort.

Robert and Cristina


  1. How very sad, may your find comfort in your memories of Lucy.

  2. Thank you for sharing Lucy with all of us! Your stories made me happy!

  3. How very sad, may your find comfort in your memories
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