Thursday, 15 October 2009

In the blink of an eye

Last night I had the strangest of dreams. I dreamt that someone gave me a very large book, like one of those large, old, family bibles. It was very thick and heavy. On the front cover was my name and preceding that the words ‘The life of’. Placed loosely, in envelopes at the front and back of the book were numerous photographs of me, taken throughout my life. I remember some of them – taken at primary school, and others that I did not remember or recognise. On the pages of the book, which I say were many hundreds, was the story of my life! Some of the text was read to me, by whom I do not know, but the words were spoken. Just a basic introduction about me. I recall seeing other pages, but do not recall what their content was, apart from one piece. This particular piece incorporated a ‘video’ of what was supposed to be me – ‘though much older. I thought to myself at the time ‘that can’t be me – his nose is much smaller than mine, and yes he was familiar, but I thought he must be a ‘stand-in’, a look-a-like. He spoke about things philosophically – he was well informed and very spiritual. I do not recall the exact content of his words, just the feeling that they were very profound. All through the dream I kept thinking ‘who could have commissioned this story book of my life and how could they have so many photos of me’ – many of which I had lost over the years and even more that I did not know even existed. I thought that whoever had this book produced must love or be proud of me greatly, as it must have cost a small fortune. Then, out of nowhere an impression came to me. I was shown an image of a bubble, one of those we used to make as children, blown through a ring. But the difference was that this ‘bubble’ had another bubble within it, and another and another. There were hundreds or maybe thousands of bubbles within the same bubble. Each layer of those bubble seemed to represent ‘an existence’ shall we say, of me (my soul or essence). They were all existing parallel to each other and all at the same time. It was as though I was on each layer co-existing with the rest of the other layers. Then it was ‘impressed’ upon me that when one of our existences comes to an end, that essence of that existence ‘slipped’ into the next layer and very smoothly, just as though that bubble had burst. It was instantaneous. In the next bubble (layer) I was still ‘myself’, and it was impressed into me that I may sometimes recall that ‘slip’ and memories of that existence but that the memories would be rather like deja vu, familiar in some way. I did not get the feeling that these existences were ‘past lives’, but more one whole existence, all running together at the same time. Best way I can put it is; it is like someone reading a hundred storybooks at the same time… each book has a different amount and pages and when one book ends, the rest just carry on as they were, being read and closing when they are completed. Then I awoke. I have always believed in reincarnation of the soul, but this dream put a new angle on the theory for me. It was as if something was telling me or impressing upon me that reincarnation was not quite the way I had previously seen it; that we exist on many, many levels of existence all parallel to each other and happening simultaneously. When one bubble bursts the essence of that existence is transferred to the next bubble and the whole thing happens in what can best be described as ‘in the blink of an eye’. And it keeps going on and on until all the bubbles have burst. Like a cat with nine lives maybe. Quite a strange and profound dream, don’t you think? Was this dream the result of some undigested cheese, or the sub-conscious product of an over active imagination - or do you think that I was privy to some deeper understanding of life and its mysteries? Maybe even Lucy was 'touching me' reaching out to give me some comfort as I slept. One thing I know for sure - it really opened my analytical mind to 'other' 'rooms' within the 'mansion' that we call our universe.


  1. Hi Robert,
    You definitely seemed to have connected to your higher self and universal wisdom. I've studied reincarnation for about 20 yrs, and the book you describe might be what is referred to in the Akashic Records as "The Book of Life." It supposedly holds all of your past, present and future lives, thoughts and emotions.

    Parallel lives do seem more accurate than past lives. I think all of our lives are occurring simultaneously, though it seems easier to comprehend "past life" because things appear to be past and future, but maybe everything is happening "now" from our soul's perspective.

    I've written a book about my spiritual awakening with a famous rock band, and the night of the awakening, I transcended time and my soul told me I wrote (past tense) a book that had a significant impact on the people of my generation. That book now exists in this dimension. Pretty wild.

    I also mention in my book, I Found All the Parts, Healing the Soul through Rock 'n' Roll, about a dream I had where I was shown what looked like an old scrapbook, and it was about Abe Lincoln's life. The book was "alive," like a three-dimensional hologram. There was more to the dream, but I sense I was being show this as a prompt to explore a past life.

    You seem to have tapped into a universal archetype of the collective unconscious, and I'm glad it had such a profound impact on you. Watch for synchronicities in your waking life. They are almost certain to come (or maybe you've already noticed strange coincidences) after a dream like this.

  2. Thanks Laura and yes you are of course correct. Throughout my life I have had dreams that 'come true'... it gets to be a bit of a pain as I do not like to see things before they happen - dreams and visions etc. I understand about the Akashic Record, but this was the first time I was shown 'my book'. I frightened me a little... almost as though my own life story was coming to an end. I feel I was shown something for a purpose... what I did not share was the introduction to my book which said that I would be remembered for my 'animal art' - dog portraits of course. As as a 'seventh son' I have always experienced strange gifts... least of which was a gift of healing... however, because I could not heal Lucy I feel a failure and blame God for that. I am aware, each minute of my waking life, of coincidences, and am no longer amazed when they happen - they are a part of me. The question that keeps coming to my mind is 'so what if I can see future events in dreams (like air disasters), notice strange coincidences, read people's thoughts and emotions and have total empathy with them... how does this help my life now?'... what am I to learn from it? What good does it do me in times of grief and hardship? Sometimes - most times, I feel that the 'gift' I have is a curse. All it does is cause me sorrow and creates such deep hurt, emotionally in me that sometimes it is unbearable. Such a heavy weight to carry. I have seen last night the Akashic Record of 'me'... something I never thought I could ever see... but why was I shown it? Why now? What awaits me?

  3. I would love to read your book Laura, please send me details as to how I can obtain a copy, to:


  5. All it does is cause me sorrow and creates such deep hurt, emotionally in me that sometimes it is unbearable. Such a heavy weight to carry. I have seen last night the Akashic Record of 'me'... something I never thought Work From Home