Sunday, 22 August 2010

Ouch, Ouch, Ouch! I wish I owned a Cat

Why do things happen in 3s?
So much has happened since I last made an entry to my blog... so I apologise now for being so absent minded and distracted.

Where do I start?... Ouch one... I think my last entry was back in March... well, here we go, whilst I still have a will to live.

Firstly, Robin develops a bladder problem... kidney stones and also pees everywhere!... no problem you may think; however, in the dark of one night I slip in one of his many puddles and fall against a kitchen unit top - ouch! Only cracked a rib and spend weeks in a lot of pain!

Ouch two... an old medical problem of mine has shown its head again... not to worry, it just means that I spend hours each day in further pain and hospital visits... problem been ongoing for over 10 years - but what the hell, pain and I are not strangers... we survive - eventually!

Ouch three... my wife has a heart attack and has to undergo a double by-pass operation (one month ago)... she is recovering slowly.

Robin still has his peeing problem (the Vet is treating him).
I still have my old problem... (related to my bowel) don't think the surgeon will ever solve it... but so what - not many people can say they have multiple exits for their bowel!!!

Georgina is still a beatiful 'girlie' dog... apart from peeing on the bed each day... so what has the past 5 months given us? mmmmmmmmmmm... hell; we overcome.

At least we have good weather... although one or the other half has to sleep on the couch as it is too hot in the bedroom over night... me, my wife and two dogs on the bed causes a great deal of extra heat.... wish I owned just a rabbit or even (dare I say) a cat? Excuse any spelling mistakes here... a little too tired to double-check.

p.s. as you can see, Georgina also has her share of problems.. a tongue that is ALWAYS hanging out AND only three teeth!


  1. Well, I can see why you haven't had time to post very much, but it is always a treat to come online and see that you're here!!

  2. come rain or shine, snow or hail... earth quake or volcano, JackDaddy is always there... a true and sincere follower.

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