Saturday, 30 April 2011

Painting on the 'back seat'

To paint or design? That is the question. Well design gives me an income... painting does not. So I have been concentrating on my design. So much so that I decided to create my own website. I designed it and my wife constructed it. Robin and Georgina just gave me headaches... always wanting 'walkies' whilst we were attempting to construct some technical element of my site:

Why is it our pets just want so much attention when we are too busy to give it? Robin keeps hiding his toys in waste baskets, under units and the like. Then he cries and cries for attention because he can't reach his toy. "Just let me work Robin" I say, but no, he DEMANDS attention. So no rest until I / We give it!

Georgina is growing fast and has melted into our household well, she is so loving and adopting her was a good choice. I still wish I could have at least one Cat in our household though... maybe one day!

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  1. Olá,
    Tenho acompanhado o seu blog e gostaria muito que me ajuda-se a encontrar donos para estes animais listados no nosso site

    Cumprimentos :)