Tuesday, 3 November 2009

I have a new shadow and it has a tail!

I personally have never owned a puppy. Cristina has - Robin. I now realise that it means having a 'new shadow'. Georgina is right here by my side - on the chair next to my own... as I work. She follows me EVERYWHERE! Georgina arrived here very late at night, so any plans to walk Robin and her together, in order for them to 'get to know each other' by walking them on 'neutral territory' was not a great success. They had a couple of minutes together - outside (on their leads). It was cold and very wet also. Not good. Luckily, Robin was a gentlemen. Even being sedated, Georgina was excited to meet Robin. There was only one incident on their meeting that was 'tricky'. Georgina jumped onto Robin's chair (whilst he was in it) - he quickly snapped at her - she jumped into the air! Robin was rebuked by me and now they both know their place. Robin is the 'alpha male'... and Georgina knows that now. Taking them both for walks, Georgina always walks behind him and never in front... she stops behind him when he stops. All good we are sure... authority has been established. They are getting on fine now - to Robin, Georgina is a curiosity that he has to tolerate.... or get my rebuke... lovingly, of course.

On her first night here, I placed Georgina in her basket/bed in the lounge... and I slept on the couch the whole night so she would not feel alone... well I could not leave her on her own could I? I watched over her. Whenever she opened her eyes - she saw me, next to her, watching her and stroking her. Needless to say I only got one hour of sleep on that night - I awoke with her between my ankles under the cover! As Robin's place at night is on our bed and Georgina just wants to jump on it also - we feel that Robin will not allow such an intrusion into his territory. So we are training Georgina to sleep in her basket bed... but eventually her bed will be next to ours without any fears of her jumping onto our bed and getting a bad reaction from Robin.

The second night - well Cristina agreed to sleep on the couch (I had a good nights sleep)!
Now Georgina has 'bonded' with us both - she knows she is safe and also importantly - Robin also knows that he is not rejected or being ignored. He now gets extra treats and extra walks!

I keep making the mistake of calling Georgina 'Lucy'... then correcting myself. No doubt that is normal as you all know just how fond of Lucy I was (and still am). This little 'Georgina' has a wonderful personality... and is so bubbly and loving - she sticks like a shadow to me (and Cristina) wherever we go... she also likes the kitchen... no change there!

If I had to describe Georgina in a few words they would be: 'A dainty girlie dog with a loyal disposition and very very bouncy'... will no doubt 'run rings around Robin' and play with all his toys! AND SHE SEEMS TO SLEEP ALOT!


  1. She is so lovely!!! I'm glad you're posting all her "baby" pictures.

  2. What a wonderful story - especially about sleeping on the couch! I'm glad the two puppies have decided to be friends!

  3. What a great story, she is so cute!!!

  4. Very cute! It's fun to have a shawdow!