Monday, 10 August 2009

Cats (and dogs) could be dangerous to your health

A little warning to all us pet owners out there. I once owned a cat that nearly cost me my life!
Retiring to bed late one evening, just as I was climbing my stairs, I was curious about a 'CRACK' sound that startled me somewhat. So what did I do? Decided to investigate of course. I walked into my lounge only to see my sofa begin to burn. There, on the sofa was my cat... also startled. What had happened? Guess what... my very playful cat had found a box of matches that I had carelessly left on the arm of the sofa. He decided it was a good thing to play with! Of course, the matches spilt out and he bit one - igniting it with his teeth... that was the 'crack' sound. What are the odds on a cat igniting a match with his teeth? Must be quite rare I am sure. Fortunately I was there, in ear-shot, close enough to respond. What would have happened if I had left for bed an hour earlier? God only knows. The moral here is obvious - don't leave live matches where our pets might get a hold of them. Even a TV remote control can be a hazard... our pets chewing them or us leaving the remote tucked behind a sofa cushion can cause a short and possibly a fire! So be aware. Whilst our pets can pose a danger to our health, they can also save our lives... but that's another story for later!

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  1. Wow, thats quite a story, you are a very lucky person. I have heard lots of funny animal stories but yours takes the cake lol